Sean Swanson for Millard Public Schools

Hi! My name is Sean Swanson and I love Millard.

I attended Millard Public Schools as a kid, my children did, and so will my grandchildren. I guess you could say Millard raised our family, which is why I’m running for Millard Public Schools Board of Education. Millard is awesome, but I want to make sure we can keep it awesome!

The future success of our Millard schools depends on all of us working together to:
• Use taxpayer dollars wisely
• Attract and retain outstanding teachers
• Maintain complete transparency
• Encourage parent and community involvement
• Stand up against the injection of political agendas in our classrooms
• I am pro-teacher, pro-student, and PRO-PARENT

We cannot win this race without your help. Whether your help be by helping us make calls or knock doors, or simply contributing valuable campaign finances, your assistance is appreciated.

If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions about my candidacy, please email me at


Sean and the Swanson family